3D printing, design, modeling, scanning, 360 video and VR in Southend / Essex

Southend Coding VR, AR, Unity, 3D, 360 Meetup
Monday 9th December – 7pm-9pm
The Old Waterworks, North Road, Southend
Researching and collaborating different ways to code VR,AR,3D,360
See Southend Coding Meetup for more details.


Here are some companies who do 3D printing, scanning, design, VR and modeling in the Southend area.

Coulter Action Ltd

Motion graphics content creation.

Digital Asset Emporium

Designs 3d models of objects.

Bubble Image

4k 360 degree video live streaming and creates VR/apps.

3D Filaprint

3d printing filament and 3d design and modelling.

The Stage House UK

Live streaming and digital media production.

Miru 3D

Photo scanning to create fully immersive 3D models and maps. Think Google Streetview in your venue.

CVM Marketing

3D media for advertising and promotion.

Pixel VR

VR arcade with multiplayer games and rooms.

Funky Gorilla Games

An independent Southend games studio specialising in fun mobile games, VR/AR games and experiences.


A production studio offering 3D Animation, Video Production, Digital Editing, Visual Effects and more in Westcliff.

Vincent McAtamney

AR VR Immersive Tech and Home Cinema consultant working with businesses in and around Essex.

The VR Space

Virtual Reality space in Chelmsford with all the latest headsets and games.


Canvey Island VR games, experiences, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and development.

Premier Computers

VR experience in the Southend shop.

Elite Gamer

Games arcade with VR.


3D printing and CAD modeling.