Southend Raspberry Jam 7

Southend Raspberry Jam #7
Monday 2nd May 2pm-8pm
Temporary Arts Project,
North Road
Southend on Sea
( Google / SatNav is wrong. 50 m south of the BP garage on West Road; large car park at the junction with Chelmsford Avenue. )

The timetable is below ticket the booking form. Please retweet the publicity tweet to help spread the word.

Bring any Scratch, Raspberry Pi or other tech projects you may wish to show. If you have a SenseHAT or BBC MicroBit, bring it along.
Please bring a charged laptop to use with SonicPi, Scratch and BBC MicroBit.

If you don’t have anything to show or bring, please come along anyway.
There will be some equipment for people to use and share.

1pm Setup, conversation and casual help.
2pm Beginners guide to Raspberry Pi / Show and Tell
2.30pm Sonic Pi – learn to code music and be part of a Sonic Pi Orchestra.
4.00pm Astro Pi – a chance to see the data Tim Peake recorded on the Raspberry Pis in space and code the AstroPi .
5.00pm BBC Microbit programming.
6.00pm Mentor training (from age 7yrs to adults).
8pm Close down

Please RT this tweet  to help publicise the event :

Southend Coding Evening #3 for Teachers, Code Club volunteers

Please book below for the third Southend Coding Evening for Teachers and Code Club volunteers which will take place at :

Temporary Arts Project
North Road
Southend on Sea
(50 m south of the BP garage on West Road)

On Thursday 26th May from 5.30pm to 9pm.

An opportunity for teachers, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and Code Club/Coder Dojo volunteers to come together to discuss the new computing curriculum in an informal and friendly environment.

BBC MicroBit, Raspberry Pi, Tim Peake, Southend AstroPi winners, Southend Code Club, Sonic Pi film music arrangements.



Welcome to the third Southend Coding Evening.

We are expecting attendees from local schools, Code Clubs and industry specialists.
Coding Evenings are established in Twickenham, Peterborough and London and we hope to continue their success in Southend.
I hope you are able to come along as this is an excellent opportunity to develop the teaching of computing and coding within schools.

So far, we’ll have people who can demonstrate and talk with you about :

* How to use Raspberry Pi to teach interesting and engaging lessons with physical computing and how to find suitable resources, lesson plans and help.

* Find out about the BBC Micro:Bit which will be given to every Year 7 pupil in 2016.
See some projects on the AstroPi which use similar hardware features.

* AstroPi – Tim Peake, the first British ESA astronaut, will fly to the International Space Station and run science experiments and apps written by British school children on Raspberry Pis and an addon sensor board. We’ll have the hardware which is going to space, and you can find out about further educational opportunities.

* SonicPi – Use music to learn to code. A textual programming language simple enough for primary school pupils to use and powerful enough to learn and perform music through “live coding”. Highly fun and engaging.

* Southend Raspberry Jam – a free local event where Raspberry Pi users meet and show their projects with workshops, talks and a Teachmeet.

What sort of thing can I expect if I attend?

The event starts at 5.30pm, but attendees can arrive anytime between then and about 8.30pm (which is when we start to wind down). People tend to gather in small groups to discuss things. Usually, if a teacher is looking for something specific, we will recommend someone to speak to who can help them; however, most teachers seem to get the best out of the evening by simply chatting to each other and finding out about the resources on display. There are usually at least two Raspberry Pis set up with various addon boards and things attached to the input/output pins and some of the attendees bring their own tech to demonstrate and talk about, either informally to small groups or to the group as a whole, as part of a Teach Meet style show n tell.

There is no pressure to demonstrate anything or to get heavily involved, the emphasis of the evening is to feel comfortable and relaxed. So far, nearly all of the teachers who have attended one evening have signed up for the next one too because they have found it so valuable.

So what sort of people attend the Coding Evenings?

We get a large range of people who come along – very often we have teachers who are complete beginners and have no idea of how to teach the coding side of the new curriculum and this is an excellent opportunity for them to discuss their ideas and gain some confidence by trying things out. We also get people involved with Code Club – an initiative to get coders to volunteer in primary schools to help run a club either after or before school (and some people looking for schools to volunteer in); we have attendees who help run Coder Dojos, which is a similar idea. We also get people who are employed in the coding industry who aren’t able to volunteer in schools, but want to give something back to the community by chatting to teachers and helping to build their confidence. We get a lot of enthusiastic people who love Raspberry Pi, Makey Makeys, Arduinos or even Lego – at the last Twickenham evening, we had a Lego sensor controlling an addon board on a Raspberry Pi to make lights come on controlled by Scratch. Finally, we have a core group of very enthusiastic teachers and school technicians who have lots of ideas to share and want to show other people what they’re doing in their schools and how other schools can further their computing teaching. Everything is presented in a non-threatening, informal way to help build confidence.


If you do have something you want to demonstrate, please let us know via the “contact the organiser” button on Eventbrite, so we can ensure we have power / internet / monitors etc. ready for you as required.


The entrance to Temporary Arts Project is located on the junction of North Road and Chelmsford Avenue.
From West Road, TAP is 100 meters south of the BP petrol station with a large gate on the left at the junction with North Road.

The Eventbrite map is wrong (it’s 50m South East of the indicated point) and Sat Nav is sometimes incorrect so check where you are going beforehand.
There is lots of free parking at TAP.

Other Coding Evenings

To find out about previous events in London, Twickenham and Peterborough and elsewhere, see

Coding Evening by Cat Lamin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


Southend Library Code Club Recruitment Event at The Forum

Southend Code Club

Code Club are holding a volunteer recruitment and training session in Southend
Southend Library, The Forum, Elmer Square, SS1 1NS
Wednesday 4th May 4-6pm.
Scroll down for booking form, further details and travel directions.

There will also be a chance to meet ExploreSTEM to find out about STEM Ambassadors and how to become one. Please bring your ID for (free) DBS checks if you wish to become a STEM Ambassador.

Code Club mentors and participants are invited to take part in other local events in Southend , Southend Coding Evening and the next Raspberry Jam in Rayleigh.

About Code Club training

Code Club is a nationwide network of after-school coding clubs for children. All our clubs are led by volunteers and this training is designed to give volunteers all the information they need before they start running a Code Club.

The training will cover:

What is Code Club?
Volunteering with Code Club
Working effectively with schools
An introduction to Scratch & the Code Club projects

Who is the training for?

Anyone who is considering running a Code Club and would like some more information before they sign up
Anyone who has signed up as a volunteer but has not yet started running a Code Club

Volunteering for Code Club will be the best thing you do this year. Guaranteed.

If you have any questions in advance of the session please get in touch on

We look forward to meeting you there.


Directions to Southend Library, The Forum

The Forum is right in the heart of Southend in Elmer Square, just off the High Street and around the corner from the University of Essex and South Essex College. Google Map.

By Foot

If you live near the town centre, a visit to The Forum is the perfect excuse to stretch your legs and get a bit of fresh air. You could head over after dropping your kids at school or pop in on your way to the Royals to get some early Christmas shopping done.

By Bus

The nearest bus stop to The Forum is Warrior Square, a very short walk away through the square and across the High Street and Chichester Road. Alternatively, you can get off the bus on London Road and walk past Sainsbury’s and down to The Forum along College Way. Plus, any bus travelling to the town centre goes to the Travel Centre, which is just a 10 minute walk from The Forum.

By Train

Southend Victoria is just a seven minute stroll from The Forum, Southend Central to The Forum in just two minutes.

By Bike

For those of you who prefer to use two wheels instead of four, there is plenty of cycle parking at The Forum. Just five minutes ride from Adventure Island, The Forum could be the perfect spot for a break and quick bite to eat if you’re cycling from Shoeburyness to Westcliff.

By Car

Parking is available at South Essex College or at the ‘Lego Building’ in University Square?


Southend Makerspace

We’re running some Raspberry Jam / Makerspace events at The Old Waterworks, North Road, Southend, SS0 7AB and Southend Library following the  Southend “Smart City” Raspberry Jam .

The Old Waterworks is located on the junction of North Road and Chelmsford Avenue and free parking is available. Please note that there is a new entrance to use just North of the junction towards the BP garage. Please check directions here before coming.

BBC Microbit, Raspberry Pi, AI, IoT, Smart Cities, Scratch, robots, electronics, Python coding.

Parents must accompany children and we are looking for volunteers to help mentor.


Previous Events

Here are some of the events we have ran at The Old Waterworks :

#ChallengeDementia hackathon with Essex County Council.

Southend Digital Professionals Tech Meetup is a monthly meetup on the first Thursday of the month :

Coding Southend Council’s Pepper robot :





Raspberry Pi Pioneers competition with Highly Commended entry PioneerHat :


Girls only creative tech group – Essex Steamettes who are doing a gesture controlled, interactive art / dance / theatrical performance project.


Southend Astro Pi Sonic Pi competition winners

Congratulations to Iris and Joseph Mitchell from Southend who met Tim Peake after winning the AstroPi SonicPi Competition, 11 years and under.

They composed music using SonicPi code for Tim Peake to listen to on the International Space Station at a Southend Tech Sonic Pi workshop at The Hive in Southend.

The UK Space Agency invited the Southend Raspberry Jam Sonic Pi winners and mentors to meet Tim Peake and we got to talk to Tim and have our photo taken with him – see below.
They also appeared in issue 47 of TheMagPi as shown below.

You can hear “Run To The Stars” by the “Mitchell Mob” and see their Sonic Pi code below, but first here’s Tim Peake on board the International Space Station to show you how it is being played on the AstroPi unit :

Tim sent a tweet down with the message :


Credit: Christopher Ison / University of Portsmouth / UK Space Agency


use_bpm 120
numberofbars = 0
live_loop :bar do
  sleep 4
  numberofbars = numberofbars + 1
  if numberofbars == 32 then stop

live_loop :funkypiano do
  sync :bar
  with_fx :ixi_techno do
    use_synth :piano
    4.times do
      play 72
      play 75
      play 79
      sleep 0.5
    4.times do
      play 62
      play 65
      play 69
      sleep 0.5

live_loop :bassdrums do
  sync :bar
  sleep 16
  64.times do
    4.times do
      sample :drum_bass_hard, amp: 1
      sleep 1

live_loop :cymbals do
  sync :bar
  sleep 32
  16.times do
    sleep 2
    with_fx :reverb, room: 0.9 do
      4.times do
        sample :drum_cymbal_hard, pan: 1, amp: 1
        sleep 0.5

live_loop :squelchybass do
  sync :bar
  sleep 48
  with_fx :ixi_techno do
    16.times do
      sample :bass_voxy_hit_c, amp: 1
      sleep 1

live_loop :aliens do
  sync :bar
  sleep 80
  8.times do
    use_synth [:prophet,:tb303,:pulse,:square,:supersaw,:beep,:sine,:hollow].tick
    8.times do
      play_pattern_timed [56,82,77,48,42, 72,98,34],[0.5,0.5]

The Mitchell Mob will be showing their composition at future events and helping mentor people in Sonic Pi.

Their entry is listed on the Astro Pi site.

An entry in the Astro Pi science experiment competition from Southend was highly commended. This was created as part of a series of workshops held by Southend Tech in Southend :

Direction Sense” by Marian Jago is an experiment to investigate how the crew’s sense of orientation changes during a long space mission; specifically, it explores how well the crew can estimate turning 360 degrees whilst free-floating. You close your eyes, hold the Astro Pi against your chest, begin spinning, and press any button to start the experiment. Then when you think you’ve done a complete 360-degree spin, you press any button to stop. As the astronauts have already been through some rigorous tests, nobody should be getting too dizzy.

Andy also ran a Sonic Pi workshop for the Raspberry Pi Foundation at their birthday weekend celebrations as well as at lots of other Rasbperry Jams.

You can see the other Astro Pi Sonic Pi competition winners on the Raspberry Pi site here and the science experiment winners on the AstroPi site above.

Congratulations to all the other winners and everyone who took part in the competition.





Southend Raspberry Jam Essex

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