Eastwood Academy Vietnam Raspberry Pi donation

On June 14th 2016 , Eastwood Academy donated 10 Raspberry Pi Bs to be taken to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. (previously known as Saigon)

Pimoroni donated 10 PiGlows to be used with the Raspberry Pis and ExploreSTEM are loaning the SenseHATs which were used in the AstroPi competition workshops in Essex.

Derek Shaw will be leaving on 31st July 2016, for three months, for the first of many cultural exchanges with schools in Vietnam.

Eastwood Academy school pupils will keep in touch with pupils in Vietnam via the internet to find out about their lives and help with the Raspberry Pi projects.

Also that day, Oliver Quinlan, Senior Research Manager at Raspberry Pi visited Eastwood Academy to see the use of Raspberry Pi in their lessons and lunchtime Pi Club.

You can read about the creative computing at Eastwood Academy here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/creative-computing-at-eastwood-academy/



Lucas Abbott has created a really good environment for his school pupils at Eastwood Academy and also takes part in the wider community activities in Essex.

He plays an active role at the Southend Coding Evening helping other teachers and invites his pupils to take part in external activities.

At the recent Chelmsford Raspberry Jam, Lucas and Eastwood Academy pupils ran a very successful all day “Introduction to Raspberry Pi” workshop for beginners and we hope that they will take part in further Raspberry Jams and events.