Help running events

7.30pm Wednesday 17th February 2021

Join us for a Zoom meeting where we’ll look at future plans and start discussing how we’ll run “in person and post COVID” Raspberry Jams and other tech events.

The success of the Essex Steamettes and the Essex2020 legacy gives a strong foundation to build upon but we’ll need non tech help :
eg. COVID safety, publicity, transport, welcoming/ushering, recruitment, refreshments, committee, etc as well as tech help as we start to move offline and collaborate with others.
Meeting ID: 846 2935 4034 ; Passcode: 509180

7pm Meeting opens – “Community” is important and the meeting will open at 7pm for people to meet each other and socialise, and will stay open afterwards – breakout rooms available.

The meeting is aimed at adults but young people are welcome to watch and contribute.

For those who are interested in supporting with more technical activities, becoming a STEM Ambassador is the recommended route.

We’ll also have future meetings just for STEM Ambassadors, teachers, Raspberry Jam / Code Club volunteers, IT professionals, engineers, enthusiasts, hobbyists which will including more technical aspects.