Microbit Library loan scheme

Micro:bits are now available to borrow from over 1,200 libraries in the UK including Southend Libraries and Essex Libraries. Card holders can also reserve Microbits via the shared catalogue.

The Micro:bit Education Foundation has kindly chosen to donate micro:bits to Southend Tech, from their sponsorship scheme, including 60 micro:bits for Southend Libraries to trial a micro:bit loan scheme.

Southend Tech will support and promote with workshops at libraries, other venues and technology events.

Library Workshops

Microbit drop in workshops
Thursday 1st June
Leigh Library 10.30am – 12.30pm
Southchurch Library 2pm – 4pm
Westcliff Library 4.15pm
Find out how to use Microbits and borrow to try at home.


Launch at Southend Raspberry Jam

We launched the Micro:bit lending scheme in Southend at the Southend Raspberry Jam #11

David Whale from the Microbit Education Foundation took part in the keynote talk to explain the scheme, we had two beginner micro:bit workshops (PXT by @duck_star and MicroPython by @rareblog) and there were lots of micro:bit projects being shown.


What’s in the kit

This is the very first micro:bit which was borrowed by a member of the public and brought to the Raspberry Jam. There’s a micro:bit, usb cable to connect to a computer, batteries and instructions. It is the equivalent of the retail “Microbit Go” which costs £15.

Just head on over to microbit.org to start learning and coding the micro:bit.

Help, I’m not sure where to start

There will be organised workshops and drop in activities around Southend and Essex where you can learn about using the micro:bit.
See here for more dates and locations.

About the national scheme

The Southend Libraries loan scheme was part of a trial being led by Amy Hearn at Kirklees Libraries and also involves Coventry, Newcastle and Blackpool Libraries.

Feedback on what works will be shared to roll the scheme out nationally at a later date.

Amy will present the scheme and latest updates at the SCL conference in June.



But I’ve already got a Micro:bit

Why not try using the radio feature to get micro:bits talking to each other. For those who want to experiment with building something more ambitious, you can borrow up to 14 items.

OK, I’m hooked and I’d like to do more

There’s a thriving community of people doing coding and electronics in Southend and Essex who’d love to help you get involved.

See https://www.southendtech.co.uk/ for more dates and locations or contact us.

Zbit:connect, who we see at loads of events, has kindly donated an add on board to get us started with more advanced electronics.