MiniMu Glove Camp

We’re running a 6 week online Summer Camp Tuesdays 10am on gesture based wearable tech for all ages after the success of our girl group the Essex Steamettes.

*** Fill the form out here to get the free MiniMu kit ***.

You will need a Microbit.  Kitronik sells the Microbit kit for £15 or libraries lend Microbits for free. This link has details on how to buy one from Pimoroni.

The camp will deliver 10 lessons with accompanying ezines using the MiniMu glove kit designed by MiMu and Pimoroni.

It is free to attend for all but you will require a MiniMu glove and Micro:bit to take part.

We’re also running some Raspberry Jam activities and are looking for people to give talks, show their projects and run tech workshops. Contact us if you would like to participate.

Book each week here to get the video link: