MiniMu Microbit Glove Camp 2021

Join us this summer for a 10 lesson interactive musical Microbit glove course covering music, dance, sewing as well as coding, accelerators, sensors.

The course will be held remotely with Youtube videos, e-zine instructions, online meetings and free equipment.
It’s suitable for beginners using simple blocks and Python for those who are more advanced.

Details of dates and the free equipment are currently being organised. Last year participants needed their own Microbit which could be borrowed from local libraries or purchased for £15.

The Essex Steamettes loved last year’s course and you can see their playlist of videos they made here . @ac_coder’s  video of lesson 7 dance trainer gives a good idea of the course :

Other coding workshops for girls

The Essex Steamettes are meeting online and new girls aged 11yrs+ are invited to join :

Tuesdays 5pm Web design
Sundays 2pm Microbit and electronics

Click here for details.

June 26th 12pm-3pm, The Old Waterworks, Southend

As part of “She Heals” a Sci-Art exhibition.

11am Doors open for setup, social time, exhibition preview, coding drones

12 pm – Lily opens the exhibition/ coding drones

12.15 pm – 3D design workshop (for 3D printing, VR/AR, Toy Story style CGI animations)

1.00 pm Lunch break

1.15 pm Virtual Reality workshop using html web design

2.00 pm Interactive musical glove, Microbit and electronics; Your Code in Space – space science experiements using sensors and Raspberry Pi.

3.00pm – 5.00pm Social time, breakout rooms, continue working on workshops or own projects, leave when ready.

Click here to book here for girls aged 11yrs+.

Check out this 60 second video of the work so far :

British Science Festival Raspberry Jam

September 11th Anglia Ruskin University
Click here. Subject to COVID, ARU and BSF restrictions