She Heals

“She Heals” Sci-Art – Lily Hunter Green / Essex Steamettes
Sat 26th June 2021 – 12pm-5pm
The Old Waterworks, Southend

We invite girls aged 11yrs-19yrs to take part in coding, 3D/VR design and electronics workshops 12pm-3pm and take part in the exhibition 12pm-5pm.

Click here to book here for girls aged 11yrs+.


11am Doors open for setup, social time, exhibition preview, coding drones

12 pm – Lily opens the exhibition/ coding drones

12.15 pm – 3D design workshop (for 3D printing, VR/AR, Toy Story style CGI animations)

1.00 pm Lunch break

1.15 pm Virtual Reality workshop using html web design

2.00 pm Interactive musical glove, Microbit and electronics; Your Code in Space – space science experiments using sensors and Raspberry Pi.

3.00pm – 5.00pm Social time, breakout rooms, continue working on workshops or own projects, leave when ready.

4.30pm – 5.00pm close down

Click here to book here for girls aged 11yrs+.

Check out this 60 second video of the work so far :

Feel free to bring along your own projects, equipment, robots, 3D printers, VR glasses, wearable tech and more to show each other or get help from others.

Under 18s will need to be accompanied by adults during the event. We’ll have professional photos/videos taken but please feel free to share your own on social media to generate lots of publicity.

She Heals

For more on the art project She Heals and Silencing the Virus (the first part) see this website and here.


Online Coding Events for girls

Girls aged 11yrs+ are invited to attend our weekly Essex Steamettes meetings, Sundays 2pm for Microbit and electronics; Tuesdays 5pm for designing websites and occasional Saturdays mornings for more advanced coding for those who can work on their own projects with a little bit of peer / adult help.

Details/booking here:



Check out how the Tello Edu drones can be coded :


Girls aged 11yrs+ who would like to get involved with coding and technology activities are invited to join the online Essex Steamettes meetings with in person meetings starting shortly.

Half term coding

The Essex Steamettes are running online coding workshops during half term. For more details and joining details click here.



“She Heals” Sci-Art – Lily Hunter Green / Essex Steamettes
Thursday 3rd June 2021 – 7pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 5535 4798 Passcode: 477600

Lily is collaborating with the Essex Steamettes, a group of young female coders (9-19 years) from our Raspberry Jams, and computer scientist Karun Matharu, to create an exciting new work SHE HEALS, an immersive digital Sci-Art hive populated by LED drone bees.
SHE HEALS tells the mesmerizing story of how female honeybees work as a collective to protect their community from viral attacks.

Join us for a talk of the online activity and future activities of She Heals with Lily.

SHE HEALS will be exhibited between 12pm – 5pm on Saturday 26th June at The Old Waterworks, Southend-on-Sea, SSO 7AB, subject to COVID restrictions. Come and meet Lily and the Essex Steamettes.

7.45pm Helping the next generation with STE(A)M activities

Find out about some of the activities young people are doing and how you can get involved.

8.00pm ANSI Art – MeaTLoTioN

ANSI art is a computer art form that was widely used at one time on bulletin board systems. It is similar to ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of 256 letters, numbers, and symbols and ANSI escape sequences that color text with the 16 foreground and 8 background colours.


For more on the Essex Steamettes click here.