She Heals

“She Heals” Sci-Art – Lily Hunter Green / Essex Steamettes
Sat 26th June 2021 – 12pm-5pm
The Old Waterworks, Southend

The Essex Steamettes, girls aged 11yrs-19yrs took part in coding drones as part of the exhibition and did some 3D design.



More photos/videos on Instagram under #EssexSteamettes and on Lily’s page :


Check out this 60 second video of the previous online work which was also shown at the exhibition :

She Heals

For more on the art project She Heals and Silencing the Virus (the first part) see this website and here.


Check out how the Tello Edu drones can be coded :


The girls responses to She Heals :

On Saturday the 26th of June the Essex Steamettes had the pleasure of meeting up with a Digital Artist and Composer Lily Hunter Green. We did a Sci-Art installation and we coded drones to imitate honeybee behaviour in the hive. We learnt the importance of science and technology when solving problems. We can use science and technology to have a better understanding of how things work and have a different perspective of things. I had a great time programming the drones and seeing my code run, it was my first time doing a collaborative project with an artist and it was a wonderful experience. After the She Heals event the Essex Steamettes got a lot of public engagement on social media. It was a good way of exposing the public to how girls are good at using technology and exploring different ways to solve problems as we continue to prioritise recruiting more girls to take part of our mission to get more girls into technology.
When I met the artist I thought it was sooo fun because I got to meet someone fun. I also got to learn how to code python properly and I got something to do that was soo cool. My favorite part was watching everyone’s drones that they coded and flew. I also enjoyed the coding and watching my drones fly! It was amazing!
My experience at She-heals was a great one because I met many friends and met an artist. I was surprised to hear that she was an artist because I had only seen her with the drones. I got interviewed about the drones and bees as the point of the meeting was the protection of the bees.

On Saturday 26th June, artist Lily Hunter-Green, computer scientist Karun Matharu and the Essex Steamettes collaborated for the She Heals exhibition. It was really interesting talking to Lily Hunter-Green about her vision and helping bring that to life. She seemed equally fascinated by how myself, the other Steamettes and visitors were able to code drones to behave a little like bees to accentuate her display. I enjoyed discussing our different viewpoints- how she was able to imagine the whole exhibition, which I wouldn’t be able to do, but how I was able to use small computers and movement to control lights where that wouldn’t come so naturally to her. Although we had different skills, we were able to work together to meet our goal. We did some work beforehand, using geometric shapes to demonstrate how bees use social distances. This was particularly apt at the time and served to highlight the importance of bees in the ecosystem and how delicate the environment actually is. In fact, much research has been done and is ongoing to use technology to communicate these problems to a wider audience, as this exhibition, but also to attempt to solve the problem directly.
The artist was great, it was very educational, I got interviewed about the environment as the point of the meeting was the protection of the bees and especially as it included S.T.E.A.M.  I also got to learn how to code python properly and I got something to do that was soo cool. My favourite part was watching everyone’s drones that they coded and flew and I made an awesome friend who is very similar to me.
It was important in order to get others inspired into coding and robotics and research more about bees and trying to help. That concerns me loads as bees pollinate the plants we eat. Bees are adorable and fluffy. People would be able to see the beauty of bees through art and tech which is what many people use. The exhibition did a good job of that. It was more noticable because it is new technology so people noticed it more and on social media it’s very eyecatching.

I enjoyed meeting an artist, Lily Hunter-Green at the She Heals exhibition with the Essex Steamettes. It was great coding drones in python and with just a few lines of coding we could watch the drones fly and do flips!

Various verbal responses :

It’s a type of art that you wouldn’t really think is art
I thought she was a scientist and an artist
I’m shocked that she could make all of this – she was very talented
I enjoyed showing my robots at the exhibition.
I thought she was a reporter as she was interviewing people
It was more fun and interactive than an art gallery
I think it’s important that we save the environment
We have no trees we have no breathe

Online Coding Events for girls

Girls aged 11yrs+ are invited to attend our weekly Essex Steamettes meetings, Sundays 2pm for Microbit and electronics; Tuesdays 5pm for designing websites and Virtual Reality.
Occasional Saturdays mornings for more advanced coding for those who can work on their own projects with a little bit of peer / adult help and school holiday activities.

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“She Heals” Sci-Art – Lily Hunter Green / Essex Steamettes
Thursday 3rd June 2021 – 7pm

Lily is collaborating with the Essex Steamettes, a group of young female coders (9-19 years) from our Raspberry Jams, and computer scientist Karun Matharu, to create an exciting new work SHE HEALS, an immersive digital Sci-Art hive populated by LED drone bees.
SHE HEALS tells the mesmerizing story of how female honeybees work as a collective to protect their community from viral attacks.

Join us for a talk of the online activity and future activities of She Heals with Lily.

SHE HEALS will be exhibited between 12pm – 5pm on Saturday 26th June at The Old Waterworks, Southend-on-Sea, SSO 7AB, subject to COVID restrictions. Come and meet Lily and the Essex Steamettes.

7.45pm Helping the next generation with STE(A)M activities

Find out about some of the activities young people are doing and how you can get involved.

8.00pm ANSI Art – MeaTLoTioN

ANSI art is a computer art form that was widely used at one time on bulletin board systems. It is similar to ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of 256 letters, numbers, and symbols and ANSI escape sequences that color text with the 16 foreground and 8 background colours.


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