Southend Pioneers competition – Make Us Laugh

“Make us Laugh” Pioneers competition

“We’re setting you a challenge to inspire you to get creative with technology. Your challenge? Make us laugh! This is not a joke. We’d like you to come up with a hilariously genius gag, prank or caper that involves some kind of technology to make it happen.” – Raspberry Pi Foundation Pioneers Challenge to 11-16yr olds.

Two Pioneers competition workshops were held in Southend on the 11th and 18th March at The Old Waterworks.

Pioneers are invited to take part and show their projects at the next Southend Raspberry Jam on Saturday 20th May 2017 – register here.

Pi(oneers) Hat by Team Pirates

Andrew, 11, received “Special Recognition” from Raspberry Pi Foundation and appeared in their results video (see bottom of page).

Andrew, has created a “Raspberry Pi HAT” using a real hat.
It uses an ultrasonic detector to click a relay depending upon how near to the wall the person is.
The participant wears a blindfold and walks around listening to the clicks but often crashes into objects closer to the ground than head level.

Code :

Click here for details of the next Southend Raspberry Jam on 20th May 10am-5pm with Pioneers showing projects and meeting to discuss the next competition round.

Raspberry Pi projects, Scratch by local Code Club members, Microbits, Robots, talks, Artificial Intelligence etc.

SqueakTweets by @CrazySqueak

CrazySqueak, 11, has created a Twitter bot which tweets jokes.

The joke bot tweets on this account :

He has blogged here :

and the code can be downloaded here :

Someteam Somewhere – Unity 3D blocks

James, 13, created a simple Unity 3D game with output to a Discourse server via webhooks :

Here’s @CrazySqueak playing the game :


Marsul Productions – The Kidnapper

A film about someone who wants to own/know about Raspberry Pi so badly he kidnaps “Mr Raspberry Pi” and tortures him to find out information when he could just go on the website !!
(Set when Raspberry Pi first came out, so it’s black and white)
Ages 11,12,13.

Felco – Transport roulette

Felix, 15, created a web app game in which you to travel to random destinations in London by public transport. Uses TfL api to get the details. View Source for the code.

(Started but not submitted to the competition)


More about the Pioneers Competition

Andrew appears at 3:48

Build a game or app using Raspberry Pi, Microbit, Scratch, Python, mobile phone, HTC Vive, laptops, 3D printer or any other kind of tech, hardware or software you may have.
Share on social media using the hashtag #makeyourideas and make a video showing your project.
Bring your own laptop, tech and ideas or hack some of our projects and kit.

Entrants will receive ongoing local mentoring, a chance to demo their projects at our Raspberry Jams and invites to more advanced workshops like cyber security, AI, games development.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation will select winners based on their video who will be invited to a digital making camp in London, have their projects professionally filmed, turned into resources and published.


Saturday 11th March 1pm-5pm
The Old Waterworks, Southend

Saturday 18th March 1pm-5pm
The Old Waterworks, Southend

There will be a new competition launched at the end of April and Pioneers will be showing their projects at the next Southend Raspberry Jam on 20th May. Please register here.