The Old Waterworks Art Gallery

The Old Waterworks
North Road
Southend on Sea
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The venue is located on the junction of North Road and Chelmsford Avenue and free parking is available.
Please note that there is a new entrance to the carpark just North of the junction towards the BP garage. Turn left 10m after the “Cooper” sign.
You’ll need to go down the side as shown in the photo above.
The door to the building is on the far right in the photo.
Apps/GPS location is often incorrect, so please check the location before you depart.

By Train

Liverpool Street to Prittlewell
From Prittlewell Station, walk west along East Road, cross Victoria Avenue at St Mary’s Church traffic lights. Turn left at the BP petrol station.
The carpark entrance is just after the WJ Cooper sign.
Prittlewell Station has steep stairs and no easy access for those with disabilities. You may wish to continue on one stop to Southend Victoria.

Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria
From Southend Victoria, walk north along the cycle path.
Cross Victoria Avenue into Harcourt Avenue at the traffic lights.
At the end of the street, turn right into North Road.
Continue past the large T junction and the entrance is just beyond the photo above.

Fenchurch Street to Southend Central
Leave the station and turn right into the High Street.
Turn left and continue walking North.
At the top of the High Street, you will need to walk through an alleyway to the right of The Odeon cinema. Cross the road to Southend Victoria Station and follow the instructions above.

By car from London

Travel down the A127 and turn right just before Priory Park (next after The  Bell junction). Go past Priory Park and up the hill. Turn right into West Road at St Mary’s Church traffic lights on Victoria Avenue.
Turn left at the BP petrol station.The carpark entranc e is just after the WJ Cooper sign.

Beware 70 mph average speed cameras from Basildon and 50 mph average speed cameras near Basildon Rayleigh. Southend A127 traffic lights have speed and red light cameras.
If you take a trip down to the seafront, the Golden Mile with the arcades, Adventure Island and Southend Pier has 20mph average speed cameras.


The Old Waterworks is a project space, artist studios, screening room, print room, dark room located in North Road in Southend.

Southend Tech Makerspace and Digital Professionals meet at The Old Waterworks and sometimes holds workshops and Raspberry Jams at The Old Waterworks, Southend.

It may be helpful to bring your own laptop, Raspberry Pi, Microbit or smart phone to use.
There are a number of Raspberry Pi computers which you could use and there are often people who will bring their own equipment.

The Southend Raspberry Jam Piwars robot building and construction and some of the winning Tim Peake Astro Pi workshops were held here.