Tim Peake film soundtrack Sonic Pi workshop

Tim Peake film soundtrack Sonic Pi workshop

Saturday 25th June 1.30pm – 4.30 pm
Rochford Library, 8, Roche Close, SS4 1PX

A workshop for 8-13 years old to learn how to use Sonic Pi to compose a film soundtrack to videos of Tim Peake on the International Space Station. Please book below.

Learn to use synths, samples and sound effects to create your own soundtrack. Exciting, scary, loud, soft, triumphant, slow, friendly, sinister, fast, comical – the music can change the atmosphere of the film clips.
What will you choose ?

Check out The Mitchell Mob who won the Sonic Pi Astro Pi competition. Tim Peake sent a video message from space with their song playing on the Raspberry Pi.

Bring a charged laptop – Sonic Pi runs on Windows/Mac, download here.

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Sonic Pi Rochford June 2016