Your Code in Space

“Your Code in Space” workshops
Monday 23rd October 2017 12pm-4pm
at The Hive Enterprise Centre, Southend, SS2 6EX

Teams aged 14yrs and under are guaranteed to have their code run in space !!





The following Python code was run on 1st February 2017  :

Teams coded the Raspberry Pi computers and sensors on the International Space Station using beginner Python coding (no experience of Python necessary, suitable for ages 7yrs+).

The children were congratulated at the Southend Raspberry Jam Tech Fesival by a member of Raspberry Pi Foundation and one gave a talk :



Also, teams 19yrs and under can enter a competition to run a space science experiment which is eligible for a Bronze Crest Award. (Experience of Python programming needed on the team.)

Facilities and room hire sponsored by The Hive Enterprise Centre and Enterprise4Good as part of Southend #TechCityonSea.

See Tim Peake showing the Astro Pi computers on the International Space Station last year :

Astro Pi using humidity detectors to sense breath :

Astro Pi celebrates anniversary of ISS Columbus module

and the code at :

The first four Mission Zero codes above were run on the 1st February 2018 over Java Sea (near Australia) and the last one was run over the Atlantic Ocean, East of the Falkland Islands.


Mission Space Lab

Do you want to take part in a more involved space science competiton ?

For more confident Python Coders under 19, there is the Astro Pi Mission Space Lab starting September 2020. Contact us for more details.


Mission Space Lab winners 2018/19