Essex Steamettes

Online activities for girls who want to learn creative coding, engineering, digital art and the application of technology to solve problems such as climate change, pollution, ageing.

Thursdays 11am-2pm
11yrs-19yrs (or 9yrs+ with coding experience)

Tuesdays 5pm-7pm and Sundays 2pm-4pm
Interactive wearable tech course for girls 10yrs+ (beginners welcome)
More details here (password: essexsteamettes)

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An online meetup for girls who love being creative with science, technology and engineering.

Make friends, learn new things, work on projects together, find out about tech careers, help others learn, show your projects to others, get feedback and help.

The application form asks about ability and interests and if you’d like to talk or show your project (screen sharing and/or webcam) and we’ll flesh out the activities based on that feedback.

We’ll look at an easy way to start learning Python with Edu Blocks, creating animations and using sensors on the Raspberry Pi computers on the International Space Station, pollution sensing, longer term collaboration and more. Tuesdays 5pm and Sundays 2pm will be doing the wearable tech glove course with 4 EssexSteamettes taking part in the competition by making video diaries of their progress.

Click here to watch one of the Essex Steamettes Youtube videos and see the their playlist: with turtle patterns during today’s @SouthendRPiJams meetup, using @edu_blocks 🙂


Lowena wrote the code to turn the Astro Pi into an mp3 player which played the Sonic Pi tune created in Southend which Tim Peake tweeted when he was on the International Space Station. Details here.

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