Southend Tech Meetup

First Thursdays of the month at The Old Waterworks is Southend Tech Meetup, a friendly event for those who are interested in all things digital and tech.
We run large Tech Festivals (Raspberry (Pi) Jams), hackathons, coding workshops and work with Councils, business and education.

All welcome from beginners to digital professionals. Check out detailed location, future dates/activities, previous talks and photos below. Please book on the form below.

Thursday 2nd May 2019 6pm-10pm
The Old Waterworks, North Road/Chelmsford Avenue
6pm – Doors open
6.30 pm – Arrivals
7.30 pm -Announcements + talks
8.30 pm – Networking
10.00 pm – Suggested departure.

Strictly over 18 years old.
Feel free to bring drinks, light refreshments and tech toys eg. drones, VR, Raspberry Pi etc.


The format of our events will normally include an update on what’s happening locally in Southend and Essex, followed by either discussions or talks on different technology subjects. We will cover topics such as computer software, website design, cloud and internet technologies, hardware, Raspberry Pi, and much more.

The agenda is open to you! If you have any ideas for talks, we’re especially keen to hear from you.

Join us at Southend Tech Meetup to broaden your tech knowledge, as well as meeting new people from your local area!

Location and Facilities

We are also looking for people to do talks of around 15-25 mins. Please contact via Eventbrite if you are interested.

Projector, power sockets and wired/wireless internet are available.

Please check the location as The Old Waterworks is hard to find and has change recently. See here for location details and free parking.

Future dates: First Thursday of the month:    2nd May – coding machine learning and artificial intelligence (for non coders) , 6th June– women in tech, 4th July – digital skills, learning to code / ed tech / Raspberry Pi / Microbit with teachers/educators, etc. at The Old Waterworks…

Southend Invite only event
Thursday 16th May 2019 – 6.30pm
Southend location
for Southend Tech regulars who use hypervisors.

Southend 3D design and modelling, 3D printing, VR Meetup
Thursday October 3rd – 6pm,  The Old Waterworks. See companies here.

Southend Coding Evening (ed tech, teachers, STEM Ambassadors, Raspberry Jam mentors)
Thursday 4th July 6pm, The Old Waterworks

Previous events


Thursday 7th March 2019

Post Jam meetup
Here is the link for the electric car conversion one of the members discussed.

Thursday 7th February 2019
Southend Borough Council’s Proposed Data Warehouse / consultation (postponed from November)
Southend Borough Council is building a Data Warehouse to underpin the Council’s Smart City Intelligence Hub and publish Open Data and is looking for input from the local community to help shape its design and uses.
Find out from the council’s SQL DBA / Big Data Lead how this will enable new and improved public services, help solve social issues and how you could benefit commercially by using the data.

Thursday 3rd January 2019 6.30pm-10.00pm
7 min lightning talks
Docker – Matthew
Hackathons – Edmund – local hackathons to come
Learning to code as an adult – Jen
Software testing – Lewis

Raspberry Jam Tech Festival – Andy, Southend Tech
Parking IoT project
Project Beeswax – IoT pollination project – Andy, Simulsystemsltd


Docker BBC Emulator instructions:
1. Install Docker
2. docker run –name bbc -d -p 5920:5920 -v <some directory on your host>/bbcmicro/ssd:/home/bbcmicro/ssd elminster/b2:latest
3. Copy a BBC disk image (.ssd file to <some directory on your host>/bbcmicro.ssd)
4. Using a VNC Client connect to localhost:5920
5. File->Drive 0->Disc Image-><select ssd file from bbcmicro/ssd directory>
6. shift + brk will load the disc image. On my Mac this maps to shift + f11. See tools->Keyboard Layout for key mappings from BBC keyboard to your machine.


Guitar code here:

Video of version 1 guitar as mentioned by David is here :

Microsoft Hololens showing mixed reality (interacting with virtual object which appears in real space) and Occulus Go.

Drones were also given instructions to fly using computer code.

The drones also have cameras live streaming. These photos were take from the drone. (Twitter reduces quality and resolution so raw photos are better.)



Members took part in the #ChallengeDementia Hackathon with Essex County Council and one idea developed went on to win £5,000.

3rd May 2018 – Salesforce and #DL100 cross collaboration in Southend #TechCityonSea

5th April  2018 Talk – Making Tech Simple

Making tech simpler for users is about avoiding unnecessary complexity, walking before you try to run, and getting a good nights sleep because things handle themselves. Covering UX, WordPress & SystemsArchitecture.
Also #ChallengeDementia and council systems discussion.


Thursday 1st March 2018 – cancelled due to snow.

Thursday 1st February 2018 7pm-9pm
The Old Waterworks, Southend

7.00 pm – Arrival
7.30 pm -Talk by Damian – IoT in business
Andy Lewis, SimulSystems Ltd – Easy programming IBM Watson Machine Learning AI and Scratch
8.30 pm – Networking
9.00 pm – Suggested departure.


Thursday 2nd November, The Old Waterworks, Southend
Talk – Artificial Intelligence Ethics” – Andy Lewis, SimulSystems Ltd