Southend Tech Festival – Southend Raspberry Jam 12

Sunday March 4th 2018 – 10.30am – 4.30pm
The Hive Enterprise Centre
Victoria Avenue

A Southend Tech Festival showcasing local tech companies, innovative projects, inspirational talks, digital skills workshops and professional networking. (Reduced due to snow from The Beast from the East)

10.30am Welcome talk, young people’s talks and IET award
11.00am Apprenticeships (postponed due to snow)
11.30am Raspberry Pi Resources and opportunities
12.00pm IBM Watson and AI in Society by IBM Developer Advocate
12.30pm AsthmaPi and VivyfyMe
1.00pm IoT in Facilities Management (postponed due to snow)
1.30pm Parental involvement in kids coding
2.00pm Ragworm – Making you hardware projects a reality (postponed due to snow)
2.30pm Essex County Council Challenge Dementia competition (postponed due to snow)

Raspberry Pi, Microbit coding workshops
Scratch workshop using IBM Watson AI Machine learning
3D printing and design
MinecraftPi Python beginner workshop by the Pioneer winners – The Technological tricksters
Talk by Sean Tracey, IBM : “IBM Watson + AI in computing and society”
Ragworm Talk : “Making your hardware projects a reality”
Learn to program Pepper, Southend Council’s ยฃ17,000 emotive robot
Smart City / IoT seminar
SenseHat – run your code in space and IoT Smart Cities workshop
Raspberry pi xylophone & rubik cube
Arnav – AthmaPi and VivifyMe (for dementia suffers) ; Smart Stick
Arduino led projects
Raspberry Pi LAMP stack
electromagnetics demos
robot “characters”
Virtual Reality
Lots of robots, projects etc.
Node Red workshop
OH Bot robot
3DFilaprint – amazing 3D printed models
Learn to solder
Technological Tricksters – Pioneers winners
Pirates – Pioneers twice highly commended
Talk iSocialcircle – new startup business just launching
Code Club/young people run workshops
Special VIP guests
What the young people have been up to :
Running your Python code in the International Space Station.
Code Club
Pioneers video making competition

We are celebrating the 6th Birthday of the Raspberry Pi computer and the 4th Birthday of the Southend Raspberry Jam as part of an international festival of over 100 Raspberry Jams around the world.


We made it on the Raspberry Pi blog

Phoenixfm came and did a podcast (with photos):

Raspberry Pi Birthday Jam

Photo at top of page








By Foot
The Hive is located 40m North of Southend Victoria train station, just past Southend Museum.
The Beecroft Museum entrance will be shut and you will need to use the side entrance by the carpark. Ring the intercom buzzer to be let in.
Walk through the door immediately in front and take the lift on the right to the second floor.
By Car from London/M25
Travel along the A127 and Victoria Avenue to Southend.
This is the main route to Southend and should be clear.
Beware 70, 50 and 40mph average speed and red traffic light cameras.
The Hive is just before the town centre with a ยฃ3 per day car park immediately before it.
Turn left after you get to the tall buildings for the car park.
There is another ยฃ3 per day car park opposite but you will have to turn left at the lights, go around the roundabout and come back on yourself.
Traffic cameras along the route in Southend:
By Train from London
London Underground to Tower Hill and a short walk to Fenchurch Street.
Travel to Southend Central and turn right when you exit into the pedestrian High Street. Walk up the High Street and through the gap by The Odeon to Southend Victoria.
Continue to the tall buildings and The Hive is 40m North on the right hand side.
Liverpool Street Station trains are starting from Fenchurch Street.

Preview of some of the activities coming up :

Training IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence and then using Scratch to interface and create a game using AI and machine learning.




Arnav is showing AthmaPi and VivifyMe (for dementia suffers) ; Smart Stick




Find out we got up to at the last Jam.

Photos of Jam 10

Photos of Jam 11









Thanks to The Hive Enterprise Centre for sponsoring the venue for free.


More details on Southend Tech here.

In 2024, we ran a Hackathon for Social Impact as part of Basildon Creative Tech Festival.
The hackathon follows our Essex County Council Challenge Dementia Hackathon and Southend Smart City Raspberry Jam following our coding ofSouthend Council's Pepper Robot.

If you are interested in learning more about tech, collaborating on projects, learning about careers and technologies, we would love to meet you at our online Southend Coding Meetups and in person Southend Tech Meetups.

Southend Tech Meetup (over 18s)
Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 7pm โ€“ 10pm
The Board Game Hut, just off Southend High Street (ยฃ6 on entry to the shop)
More details here.

Southend Coding Meetup - online (over 18s)
Mondays, 7pm-9pm
More details here.

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